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Wipe/wiping the slate clean

see Clean slate


see Down to the wire

Wires crossed

see Get one’s wires crossed

Wise guy

American informal for a smart-ass or smart aleck, where the word wise is used ironically or sarcastically, dates from the late 19th century. It is als...

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American slang for someone who is insolent, impertinent or out of line, dates from the 1970s.

Wish is father to the thought

The wish is father to the thought means that a thought or belief is sometimes prompted a desire for it to be so, and was coined by Shakespeare in Henr...

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Wish the ground would open and swallow me up

This hyperbole is frequently heard when people wish to escape from an embarrassing situation by disappearing suddenly. It dates from at least the 1500...

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Witch hunt

Witch hunts in the literal sense went on from the Early Middle Ages to the 1700s. Today of course, the expression is only used metaphorically as a per...

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With a pinch of salt

see Pinch of salt

With bells/knobs on

‘With bells on’ is a British colloquialism that dates from the late 19th century and means ‘and all the rest’ or ‘with all the extras’. The variant ‘w...

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With flying colours

see Come home with flying colours

Within a hair’s breadth

see By/to/within a hair’s breadth

Within a whisker of

see By/to/within a hair’s breadth

Without a leg to stand on

see Not a leg to stand on

Without moving a muscle

see Move a muscle

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