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See eye to eye

Agree or to be in harmony, the source is the Bible, Isaiah, 52:8, “For they shall see eye to eye, when the Lord shall bring again Zion.”

See how the other half lives

see How the other half lives

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

A Buddhist/Shinto proverb that some sources maintain is Japanese, while others maintain it is Chinese and attribute it to Confucius, because a similar...

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See one’s arse/backside

To see one’s arse or backside is British slang for experiencing failure, usually in business, and dates from the late 20th century.

See red

To see red is to become angry and is an American expression from the late 19th/early 20th century. Red is the colour most associated with anger becaus...

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See the big/bigger picture

Broaden one’s vision to view the entire perspective of a situation or issue is originally American from the early 20th century. Some sources maintain...

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See the wood for the trees

see Can’t see the forest/wood for the trees

See through someone

Be aware of another person’s duplicity dates from the 1400s. To see something through i.e. to complete or finish it dates from about the same time, wh...

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See which way the cookie crumbles

see Cookie crumbles

See you next Tuesday

Since the 1980s, this has become a euphemism for cunt, an acronym for C U Next Tuesday.


First appears as a word meaning a back and forth motion rather than an up and down one and dates from the early 1600s. It is thought to derive from a...

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Seen dead

see Would not be caught, found, or seen dead

Seize the day

see Carpe diem

Sell down the river

To sell someone down the river means to betray, mislead or swindle someone and dates in this sense from the early 20th century. The expression derives...

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Sell something for a song

see For a song

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