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Take a nap

see Nap

Take a piss

Since the late 18th century, slang for urinate, but before this from at least the 1300s was a respectable expression for the same bodily function. See...

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Take a punt at something

see Punt

Take a second bite at the apple/cherry

see Two bites of the apple/cherry

Take a shine to someone or something

Means to take a liking or fancy to someone or something, an American colloquial expression from the early 19th century derives from the attractive rad...

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Take a sledgehammer to crack a nut

This expression meaning to use unnecessary measures to tackle small problems is originally American from the mid-19th century, from the obvious allusi...

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Take a sprat to catch a mackerel

see Sprat to catch a mackerel

Take centre stage

see Centre stage

Take down a peg or two

Means to humble or deflate someone’s excessive ego. There are several variants such as take down a notch, come down a peg or take someone a peg lower....

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Take one for the team

This expression derives from baseball and dates from the latter half of the 20th century c. 1970, and means that a player takes a pitch on the body in...

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Take one’s hat off to somebody

see Hats off

Take one’s medicine

see Dose/taste of one’s own medicine

Take or have a leak

Vulgar slang for urinate dates from the mid-19th century but there is strong evidence that leak meaning to urinate was neither slang nor vulgar from a...

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Take pot luck

see Pot luck

Take something as read

To take something as read means to assume something as common knowledge or fact without needing further discussion and dates in this sense from the la...

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