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Love is blind

Although Shakespeare uses the expression very often in several of his plays, he did not coin it, nor did Geoffrey Chaucer who used it in The Merchant’...

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Lovely jubbly

British informal expression that denotes great enthusiasm or approval for something or other dates from the 1970s when it was made famous in the Briti...

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Low Five

A form of greeting or celebration between two people, when the palm of one hand or both are stroked or slapped against the other person's. It is firs...

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Low hanging fruit

Popular business and political metaphor from the early 21st century for easily attainable goals or objectives; usually in the context of “go for the l...

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see Highbrow


A low-life is a despicable, degenerate person, especially a habitual criminal, a self-explanatory Americanism that dates from the 1790s.

Lower the boom

To lower the boom is to land a telling or knockout blow. The world of prize fighting in America borrowed the original nautical phrase during the early...

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Luck of the draw

Means that something or other happens purely by chance, and there is noting anyone can do about it. The expression is originally American, and derives...

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Luck out

To luck out is an American expression that means the complete opposite of 'out of luck'. To luck out means to have a run of extremely good fortune or...

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This word meaning moderately warm, both literally and figuratively, dates from the 1400s when the suffix warm was added to a now obsolete Middle Engli...

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To be lumbered with something is British slang dating from the 1950s and means to be stuck with something unwanted, as in unwanted lumber, which is a...

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Although the source is reputed to be slang from East Anglia in Britain, dating from the early 19th century, the main usage of the word today is Americ...

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Lump in one’s throat

Choked with emotion, the feeling of constriction in one’s throat caused by emotional trauma, dates from the mid-19th century.

Lunch box

Slang for male or female genitalia, dates from the 1990s with allusion to oral sex.


An invented, humorous word for an easily transmitted but not too serious malady dates from 1954. It is attributed to the BBC (British Broadcasting Cor...

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