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In the sticks

see Sticks

In the tank

see Leave something in the tank

In the thick of it/things etc

The thick of things is the most dense or active part of something. Therefore, to be in the thick of things is to be deeply Immersed or involved in so...

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In the twinkling of an eye

In a flash, a moment, in an instant, this expression is from the New Testament, Corinthians I, 15:52,”In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the...

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In the zone

see Zone

In vino veritas

Latin proverb that means in wine, truth is the Latin version of what Plato (c. 428-c. 348 BC) wrote in Greek in his Symposium. Even Plato, however, wa...

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In your(wildest) dreams

A retort that is used ironically to express that something or other is beyond one's imagination and therefore unlikely to happen, as if one had been d...

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In/out of the hunt

To be in or out of the hunt is a metaphor for competing or not competing actively in whatever game or contest is taking place. It originates, of cours...

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In/out of the loop

To be in the loop is to be informed and is American computer jargon from the 1980s. Loop is computer slang for circuit. Thus, if one is in the circuit...

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Mainstream South African English for a conference or formal gathering and derives from the same Zulu word meaning a matter for discussion. Although th...

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Index finger

It is called the index finger because it is the finger used in pointing. Its usage in English dates from the 1400s, from the Latin index meaning a sig...

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Indian summer

A spell of unusually warm and hazy weather in late autumn and the expression dates from the late 18th century. If you were thinking Indian sub-contine...

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Its current meaning of a hint or a slight intimation dates from the 1500s but for about two hundred years before this, it meant an undertone or a rumo...

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Insult added to injury

see Add insult to injury


The Internet is an abbreviation of ‘inter-network’, which is simply a network of computers, connected to one another. These days, it is often mistaken...

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