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see Play hardball

Hare/ hare along/hare off

To hurry, dates from the 1500s, and derives from the way a hare scampers away from its pursuers or hunters.


The harp was a popular musical instrument from as early as the 10th century, followed by its cousin the lute, which was introduced to Europe via the A...

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Harrow drive

see Chinese cut


So many expressions in English make use of rhyming because the resulting euphony i.e. they just sound pleasant. Harum-scarum is yet another example. T...

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Harvest moon

The harvest moon is generally associated with the northern hemisphere and is the full moon that rises within two weeks of the autumnal equinox, 22 or...

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Hat in hand

see Cap in hand

Hat trick

Hat trick derives from the game of cricket and occurs when a bowler gets three batsmen out with three successive deliveries. The expression dates from...

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Hate someone’s guts

see Guts

Hats off

For centuries, taking one’s hat off in the presence of someone was a sign of respect but it was only from the mid-19th century that the expression bec...

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Haul / drag / rake someone over the coals

Means to reprimand or call someone to task, and derives from the literal, medieval treatment of heretics. If they survived such treatment unscathed, t...

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Have a bash/dash

see Bash/bash on

Have a beef with someone

A beef is an argument or disagreement with someone and is an Americanism that dates from the 19th century and has connections to beefy meaning burly t...

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Have a cadenza

see Cadenza

Have a foot in the door

see Foot in the door

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