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Go ahead, make my day

This is the famous catchphrase spoken by Clint Eastwood’s character, Police Inspector ‘Dirty Harry’ Callahan, in the movie Sudden Impact (1983). Calla...

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Go bananas

see Banana/bananas

Go begging/a-begging

If something goes begging or a-begging it means that something or other is available, but generally not taken up. In other words, it is begging to be...

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Go belly-up

see Belly-up

Go big or go home

An American catchphrase that means to make an all-out effort or none at all. The exact origin is not known but the sports of trick skiing and surfing...

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Go bust

see Bust/busted/bust up

Go by the board

To let something go by the board is to finish with it or let it pass or go, as in to throw overboard. It was originally a nautical expression dating f...

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Go cap/hat in hand

see Cap in hand

Go down like a lead balloon

see Lead balloon

Go down like ninepins

see Fall down like ninepins

Go down with all guns blazing / firing

Means to resist to the very end with all one’s vigour and resources; dates from the 18th century in this metaphoric sense, but in its literal sense, w...

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Go Dutch

Means to pay for oneself, at a restaurant etc, dates from the early 20th century and derives from a slightly earlier Americanism a Dutch treat which m...

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Go figure

American English expression that conveys puzzlement, wonder or perplexity in the sense of issuing a challenge 'see if you can figure it out'. Some sou...

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Go fly a kite

American slang expression dating from the 1940s telling someone to mind his or her own business or that they are of no further use and must get lost o...

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Go for a burton

see Gone for a burton

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