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Glad rags

Glad rags are party or special occasion clothes, with the obvious connotation of happy enjoyable occasions, originally an Americanism that dates from...

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Glass jaw/chin

To have a glass jaw or chin is an expression usually used in boxing to describe a boxer who is particularly vulnerable to blows aimed at his jaw or ch...

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Global village

The term global village is attributed to the Canadian writer and communication theorist Marshal McLuhan (1911-1980) in his book The Gutenberg Galaxy p...

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Gloves are off

A metaphor that means one is ready to dispense harsh treatment or criticism dates from the late 19th century with the allusion to bare-knuckle pugilis...

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Go / gone south

To go south appears to be of American origin and means to deteriorate or decline as in sales, stock markets, value of assets etc. It seems to have der...

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Go a bundle on something or other

See Bundle

Go ahead, make my day

This is the famous catchphrase spoken by Clint Eastwood’s character, Police Inspector ‘Dirty Harry’ Callahan, in the movie Sudden Impact (1983). Calla...

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Go bananas

see Banana/bananas

Go begging/a-begging

If something goes begging or a-begging it means that something or other is available, but generally not taken up. In other words, it is begging to be...

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Go belly-up

see Belly-up

Go big or go home

An American catchphrase that means to make an all-out effort or none at all. The exact origin is not known but the sports of trick skiing and surfing...

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Go bust

see Bust/busted/bust up

Go by the board

To let something go by the board is to finish with it or let it pass or go, as in to throw overboard. It was originally a nautical expression dating f...

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Go cap/hat in hand

see Cap in hand

Go down like a lead balloon

see Lead balloon

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