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Terra firma

Latin for solid ground has been in vogue as a Latin saying since the 1600s.

That’s all she wrote

see All she wrote

That’s the way the cookie crumbles

see Cookie crumbles

The absent are always wrong

see Absent are always wrong

The blues

see Blues

The fat is in the fire

see Fat is in the fire

The lady’s not for turning

The catchphrase that came to typify Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. She actually used these words to describe her attitude of resolve in sticking...

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The law is an ass

see Law is an ass

The medium is the message

see Medium is the message

The mind boggles

see Mind-boggling

The other half lives

see How the other half lives

The past is a foreign country

see Past is a foreign country

The Thunderer

The Thunderer is the nickname of the newspaper The Times of London. This nickname was established in 1830 after a leader written by Captain Edward Ste...

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The writing is on the wall

see Writing is on the wall

The year dot

This expression dates from about the mid-19th century and simply means a very long time ago, so long ago that the exact year cannot be specified. Writ...

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