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Lights meaning the lungs or offal of animals dates from the 1200s. See also According to one’s lights

Lights are on but no one’s home

This expression is a metaphor that describes the vacant look on a person’s face that indicates lack of awareness or lack of intelligence. It is origin...

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Like a blue-arsed fly

see Blue-arsed fly

Like a cat on a hot tin roof

see Cat on hot bricks

Like a cat on hot bricks

see Cat on hot bricks

Like a duck to water

To take to something like a duck to water means to take to something easily and readily as if it was second nature. Ducks like all water birds are bor...

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Like a fart in a colander

see Fart in a colander

Like a fart in a trance

see Fart in a trance

Like a fish out of water

see Fish out of water

Like a house on fire

A simile that expresses immediacy or spontaneity as in ‘to get on like a house on fire’ which signifies an instant rapport or kindred spirit, very muc...

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Like a lamb to the slaughter

Act meekly in the face of adversity without putting up a fight. The source is the Bible, Isaiah 53: 7, “He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter.” Chr...

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Like a lead balloon

see Lead balloon

Like a rat up a drainpipe

see Rat up a drain pipe

Like a sore thumb

see Stand out like a sore thumb

Like a spare prick at a wedding

see Stand out like a spare prick at a wedding

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