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In the dark

Uninformed, ignorant of what is going on, dates from the 1400s.

In the deep end

To jump in and take the plunge in a figurative sense, also to go off the deep end is to lose one’s control or temper. Both expressions originated in A...

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In the driver’s/driving seat

see Driver’s/driving seat

In the groove

see Groovy

In the know

Means privy to some secret or not widely known information and in this sense dates from the late 19th century.

In the lap of luxury

The lap is traditionally a place of comfort and to live in the lap of luxury is to live affluently and dates from the late 18th century.

In the lap of the gods

This means beyond human control in the sense that events are left to their own fate. Some sources attribute the origin to Homer c. 700 BC, including T...

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In the lurch

see Left in the lurch

In the melting pot

see Melting pot

In the nick of time

In the nick of time means just in time or immediately before some deadline expires. The expression dates from the mid-17th century and derives from a...

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In the offing

In the offing means that something is imminent, about to happen or is on the horizon. It was originally a nautical term from the early 17th century an...

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In the pink

To be ‘in the pink’ means to be in the very best of health and good spirits and dates in this sense from the early 20th century. Long before this, fro...

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In the red

see In the black/red

In the saddle

see Back in the saddle/on the horse

In the shit

see Shit

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