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Gild the lily

To gild the lily means to over-embellish or to improve on something needlessly. The concept if not the actual wording is from Shakespeare King John Ac...

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Gilded cage

Gilded cages for pet birds have probably been around for a long time, but the expression 'life in a gilded cage' is a metaphor for a life of luxury bu...

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A gadget, trick or device usually of a passing or worthless nature is originally American slang from the 1920s and its origin is unknown.

Ginger beer

Rhyming slang for a homosexual, ginger beer/queer; dates from the 1930s.

Ginger up

To ginger up a person is to infuse mettle or spirit into them and dates from the early 19th century. It derives from the rather unpleasant practice of...

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This word meaning cautiously or timidly has nothing to do with ginger up, the spice ginger or the colour ginger as in ginger-haired. The word is deriv...

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Gird one’s loins

Human loins are situated around the waist or hip area, where one would generally have worn a sword belt or girdle in days gone by. Thus, to gird one’s...

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Girl Friday

An assistant, female office worker who performs a wide variety of different tasks, after Man Friday from the 1719 novel by Daniel Defoe Robinson Cruso...

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British colloquialism for a fool or worthless person as in ‘silly git’ dates from the mid-20th century and is a corruption of the word ‘get’ from ‘beg...

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Give a continental

see Not give/worth a continental

Give a fig

see Not give a fig

Give a flying fuck

see Not give a flying fuck

Give a hoot

see Don’t give a hoot/two hoots

Give a monkey’s

see Not give a monkey’s

Give a rat’s arse/ass

see Not give a rat’s arse/ass

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