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Get one’s dander up

To get one’s dander up means to get angry or annoyed. The expression is American from the early 19th century. Dander, which the OED says is an alterna...

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Get one’s feet wet

A metaphor to get stuck into a new task or project in a direct, practical manner, from the allusion to a timid person crossing a stream or a river. Da...

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Get one’s goat

see Get someone’s goat

Get one’s hackles up

see Make one’s hackles rise

Get one’s rocks off

This is male-orientated American slang for sexual intercourse and/or orgasm from stones or rocks meaning testicles. The expression dates from the 1940...

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Get one’s skates on

Get a move on, hurry up, British informal dates from the 1920s. The skates concerned are roller skates.

Get one’s wires crossed

Is to have a misunderstanding or get confused and dates from the early 20th century. It derives from the early days of the US telephone system where c...

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Get someone’s back

see Watch someone’s back

Get someone’s goat

To get someone’s goat is to make them annoyed or angry. The origin remains unknown but it is undisputedly American from the early 20th century. There...

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Get something off one’s chest

see Make a clean breast of something

Get something under one’s belt

see Under one’s belt

Get stuffed

see Stuff-up/stuffed

Get the ball rolling

see Start/get/keep the ball rolling

Get the bit between one’s teeth

see Bit between the teeth

Get the boot

To be dismissed or fired, with the obvious allusion to getting a kick up the backside as one leaves, dates from the late 19th century.

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