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Cor blimey

see Blimey


British slang for something that settles or closes an argument or discussion, from the allsion to closing or corking a bottle. A corker, as in 'an abs...

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Corner meaning a place or a region, as in 'a quiet corner of England', dates from the 1500s. Corner, as in a difficult situation, is first cited in th...

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Corner the market

In the commercial sense of control or dominate a market for something or other dates from the early 19th century.


An American expression meaning trite, timeworn or old-fashioned dates from the early 20th century. In America at that time, anything from the country...

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Corporal is the lowest non-commissioned officer rank in the army. Commissioned officers, lieutenants and above, carried the King or Queen’s Commission...

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Corridor of uncertainty

This expression has become much loved by cricket commentators in the 21st century and describes a notional area on or just outside the off-stump, in w...

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Corridors of power

This expression refers to the higher echelons of government and administration with undertones of intrigue and covert influence, to wit confidential d...

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Cost an arm and a leg

see Arm and a leg


British homosexual slang dates from the 1950s for making contact through soliciting in public toilets, which euphemistically resembled cottages. Cotta...

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Cotton on

To cotton on is to understand or realise that something is the case and this particular usage dates from the early 20th century. The OED gives several...

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Cotton socks

see Bless his/her cotton socks

Couch potato

American informal for a lazy, television addict, from the allusion of being a vegetable that almost never leaves the couch in front of the television....

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Could not sleep a wink

see Wink of sleep

Couldn’t give a continental

see Not give/worth a continental

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