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Bully beef

see Bully

Bum fluff

British slang for the unsightly, wispy hair on the faces of pubescent boys dates from the late 19th century.

Bum in the butter

The full expression is to ‘land with one’s bum in the butter’ and means to be lucky or fortunate, relying on the metaphor of a soft landing after a fa...

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Bum steer

To give someone a bum steer is to give bad advice or false information, as in steering someone off-course. It is an American expression that dates fro...

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Bum’s rush

To give someone the bum’s rush is to evict or dismiss them quickly, as one would do to a bum or tramp. It is originally an American expression and dat...

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Bum is an old English word for posterior or buttocks and dates back to the 14th century. On the American side of the Atlantic, however, bum or bummer...

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Bumf is an abbreviation of bum-fodder, which is slang for trashy literature and dates from the mid-17th century, from the allusion that trashy literat...

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Bumper as in a bumper harvest means abundant or very large and dates from the mid-17th century, when a bumper was specifically a large, brim-full glas...

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Bun in the oven

This expression for pregnancy in this particular wording format is thought to date from only the mid-20th century, where it is cited in Nicholas Monts...

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Bunch of fives

Slang for a fist or punch, from the obvious allusion to the five digits that comprise a fist, dates from the early 19th century.


see Go a bundle on


Slang for a tea party or any social gathering where buffet style refreshments are served and people have to contest with others to get at whatever is...

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One of the many loan words from the Indian Sub-Continent derives from the Gujerati bangalo, which in turns comes from the Hindi bangla meaning Bengali...

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see Do a bunk


This has been American slang for nonsense or rubbish since the mid-19th century and is the phonetic spelling of Buncombe, a county in North Carolina....

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