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Old Nick

This has been a nickname (no connection or pun) for the Devil since the 17th century but the origin or association with the name Nick remains unknown....

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Old wives’ tale

An old wives’ tale is a widely held belief that has been proved to be apocryphal or incorrect, of the kind told by garrulous old women. Although it ap...

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Oldest profession

see World’s oldest profession

Oldest trick in the book

A ruse or ploy so hackneyed that it should not deceive anyone, the expression dates from the early 19th century. Book here is used in the sense of a b...

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Olive branch

As in expressions like to extend/offer/give the olive branch, it means to make peace or end conflicts and differences of opinion. The olive branch or...

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An ombudsman is an official appointed to investigate complaints from individuals against maladministration by public bodies or authorities. According...

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Commonly used acronym these days for Oh my God/goodness/gosh in text messaging and email. OMG was added to the OED in March 2011, along with LOL and F...

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On a hiding to nothing

To be on a hiding to nothing is one of those ambiguous expressions that can mean one of two things. It can mean a pointless exercise where there is no...

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On a limb

see Out on a limb

On a shoestring

see Shoestring

On a wing and a prayer

This expression describes a desperate, dire situation where one can only rely on hope and prayer. It was coined by American songwriter, Harold Adamson...

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On hollow ground/shaky ground

see Stand on hollow/shaky ground

On like a scone

This appears to be a uniquely South African expression, an affirmative response to a question like, “I’m off to the pub, are you on? Response, “I’m on...

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On one's merry way

see Go on one's merry way

On one’s beam-end/ends

To be on one’s beam-end or beam-ends is to be destitute or almost destitute and dates in this figurative sense from the 1830s. The origin is almost ce...

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