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Not in my book

see In my book

Not miss a trick

see Miss a trick

Not much cop

see Cop/copper/cop it

Not on your Nelly

Usually in the form of an exclamation that means not likely or not on your life. Eric Partridge maintains the origin dates from the 1930s and is from...

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Not out of the woods

see Out of the woods

Not over till the fat lady sings

see It’s not over till the fat lady sings

Not say boo to a goose

This expression is from the 16th century and describes a harmless, timid person. It is sometimes expressed as would not say ‘shoo’ to a goose. Apparen...

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Not someone’s cup of tea

see Cup of tea

Not suffer fools gladly

As a general rule, no one tolerates fools and, ethically speaking, this general rule might not appear to be very Christian. The source, nonetheless, i...

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Not the foggiest idea/notion

see Have not the foggiest idea/notion

Not the full shilling

If someone is not the full shilling it means they are mentally deficient or not the genuine article. It is a British colloquialism that dates from the...

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Not to be able to do something for toffee

see Toffee

Not to be sneezed at

Mostly appears in this negative form and means not to be taken lightly or not to be treated with scorn. It first appears in a play by the English dram...

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Not to die wondering

see Die wondering

Not touch with a barge pole

This expression dates from the 19th century and means that someone or something is so unappealing that one would not go anywhere near them. A barge po...

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