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Have something in spades

see In spades

Have the last laugh

see Last laugh

Have the wood on or over someone

To have the wood on or over someone is to get the better of them in any form of contest or competition. The expression is chiefly Australian and New Z...

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Have too many balls in the air

see Too many balls in the air

Have your cake and eat it

This expression is most commonly found in the form ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’ meaning that one cannot entertain two irreconcilable choices...

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Have your guts for garters

see Guts for garters

Have/not have the stomach for something

see Stomach


A wild, swinging punch is American boxing slang from the early 20th century, alludes to the wide arc of swinging a scythe or sickle in making or cutti...

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When things go wrong or out of control, they are said to go haywire. The expression originated in America in the early 20th century and its first use...

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He who is absent is always wrong

see Absent are always wrong

He who laughs last, laughs longest

see Last laugh

Head case

see Nut case

Head honcho

The boss, chief or person in charge is American slang the origin of which is the slight corruption of the Japanese word hancho meaning leader. The US...

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Head hunting

The literal meaning dates from the mid-19th century and refers of course to the practice of certain peoples, mainly in South East Asia and South Ameri...

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Head in a spin

see Flat spin

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