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Have no price

see Pay the price

Have not a hope in hell

see Not a hope in hell

Have not the foggiest idea/notion

This expression means to admit total ignorance, to have no idea at all, and dates from the late 19th/early 20th century. It derives from the notion of...

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Have one’s back to the wall

see Backs to the wall

Have one’s chips

see Chips

Have one’s hand in the cookie jar

see Cookie jar

Have one’s head screwed on the right way

see Have a screw loose

Have one’s heart in one’s mouth

see Heart in one’s mouth

Have one’s tail up

To be in good spirits, the opposite of having one’s tail between one’s legs, derives from observation of dogs and dates from at least The Middle Ages,...

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Have one’s work cut out

A very difficult workload with the implication that is not likely to be completed in the allotted time. The expression has been around since the 17th...

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Have or get cold feet

To have or to get cold feet is to experience feelings of apprehension, doubt or reluctance, strong enough to prevent a person from going through with...

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Have other fish to fry

see Bigger/other fish to fry

Have over a barrel

see Over a barrel

Have someone over a barrel

see Over a barrel

Have someone’s back

see Watch someone’s back

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