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Have a good mind to

Have a strong intention to say or to do something; the expression dates from the early 1500s.

Have a heart

In the sense of an injunction to lighten up or go easy dates from the early 20th century.

Have a leak

see Take or have a leak

Have a monkey on one’s back

To have a monkey on one’s back is to have a very irritating, ongoing problem. The expression dates from the mid-19th century when it originally meant...

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Have a screw loose

To be mad or insane is the opposite of having one’s head screwed on the right way, both metaphors date from the late 18th/early 19th century, hence, s...

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Have a sweet tooth

see Sweet tooth

Have a tiger by the tail

see Catch/have a tiger by the tail

Have a tilt at

see At full tilt

Have an axe to grind

see Axe to grind

Have bigger/other fish to fry

see Bigger/other fish to fry

Have egg on one’s face

see Egg on one’s face

Have enough on one’s plate

see On one’s plate

Have eyes bigger than one’s belly

see Eyes bigger than one’s belly

Have eyes in the back of one’s head

see Eyes in the back of one’s head

Have it in spades

see In spades

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