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Give something a bash

see Bash/bash on

Give something a fillip

To give something a fillip is to give it impetus or stimulation and this usage dates from the early 1700s. A fillip (sometimes spelt filip) is an imit...

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Give something the kitchen sink

see Everything but (or including) the kitchen sink

Give the hairy eyeball

View with suspicion or hostility, an American expression dates from the early 1960s derives from glowering at someone with lowered eyebrows and partia...

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Give the nod

see Get the nod

Give the wink

see Tip someone the wink

Give two hoots

see Don’t give a hoot/two hoots

Give up the ghost

Give up the ghost means to die. During the 1500s, ghost meant soul or spirit and this is the sense in which it is used in the King James Version of th...

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US Navy and Marine Corps slang for a thingummy or gadget; dates from the early 1940s and the origin is unknown.

Glad eye

To give the glad eye is to give a friendly, interested glance, especially flirtatious, dates from the late 19th/early 20th century and is a companion...

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Glad rags

Glad rags are party or special occasion clothes, with the obvious connotation of happy enjoyable occasions, originally an Americanism that dates from...

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Glass jaw/chin

To have a glass jaw or chin is an expression usually used in boxing to describe a boxer who is particularly vulnerable to blows aimed at his jaw or ch...

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Global village

The term global village is attributed to the Canadian writer and communication theorist Marshal McLuhan (1911-1980) in his book The Gutenberg Galaxy p...

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Gloves are off

A metaphor that means one is ready to dispense harsh treatment or criticism dates from the late 19th century with the allusion to bare-knuckle pugilis...

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Go a bundle on

The complete expression is usually used in the negative form as in, for example, someone saying, “I don’t go a bundle on broccoli” meaning that brocco...

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