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Fit for the gods

see Dish fit for the gods

Fit the bill

Fit the bill means to fulfil or measure up to the required standard and dates from the early 20th century. It is thought to derive from an earlier Ame...

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Fits and starts

By fits and starts means spasmodically in irregular patterns and dates from the late 1600s. Fits, of course, are paroxysms and starts, since at least...

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Fits like a glove

An exact or perfect fit, the expression dates from the 18th century.

Five o’clock shadow

Phrase that describes the growth of hair on a man’s face at around 17:00 after he has shaved the same morning. The origin is obscure but it is first c...

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Meaning a dose of something to which one is addicted is American from c. 1930. Fix in the criminal sense to fix the result of a sporting contest, date...

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see Physog


Flabbergasted is to be astonished or utterly confounded. The OED informs us that this colloquialism, in use since the late 18th century, is a purely a...

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A flagstone is large paving stone that has nothing to do with flag as in a standard or pennant. The etymology is from an Old Norse word flaga meaning...

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Dissension, opposition or criticism, this figurative use is American and dates from the 1960s. The original meaning is of course anti-aircraft fire, d...

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Meaning eccentric, unreliable or untrustworthy is American slang from c. 1959 from the allusion that a flake is a fragile sliver of anything, perhaps...

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see Flim-flam


British slang for vagina dates from the early 21st century.


British slang for talk or behaviour designed to flatter or deceive. As a noun, it means unnecessary and vacuous ostentation, dates from the early 20th...

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Flash Harry

A Flash Harry is a derogative term for an over-confident and showy young man. It is thought to derive from the fictional character called Flash Harry...

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