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British slang for a French person, dates from the late 18th century from the allusion to the French habit of eating frogs’ legs.

From left field

see Left field

From pillar to post

To go hither and thither with great frustration and little or no success dates in the form of ‘from post to pillar’ from the 15th century. One school...

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From scratch

see Scratch

From the Ark

see Out of or from the Ark

From the frying pan into the fire

see Out of the frying pan into the fire

From the horse’s mouth

see Straight from the horse’s mouth

From the year dot

see The year dot

Frost the cake

see Ice the cake


Male homosexual, American slang dates from the early 20th century.

Fruit machine

British informal for slot machine dates from the 1950s so called because of its fruit symbols. The expression is not known in America where they are s...

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An eccentric, possibly crazy person, extracted from the American expression nutty as a fruitcake, which dates from the early 20th century. It can also...

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The first recorded usage of this word and its etymology are still disputed. The Oxford English Dictionary gives a first citation of 1503. Other source...

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Fuck a duck

Slightly more robust form of love a duck in use since the mid-20th century and usually used to express surprise or disbelief but can also signify dism...

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The OED gives this as British slang of unknown origin for an old-fashioned and ineffectual old person and cites 1904. Other sources, because of earlie...

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