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Fly off the handle

To fly off the handle is to lose self-control or give vent to uncontrollable anger. The expression is originally American and dates from the mid-19th...

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Fly on the wall

A brilliant if now over-used metaphor for an undetected observer or listener, more often than not expressed as a wish to be a fly on the wall directed...

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Fly the coop

To ‘fly the coop’ is a metaphor for departing suddenly or escaping from confinement and is originally American from the early 20th century, although ‘...

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Fly under the radar

see Under the radar


Originally, from the late 18th century, this expression was an insulting term applied to women, implying that they were witches who flew by night on b...

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Flying colours

see Come home with flying colours

Flying fuck

see Not give a flying fuck


see Old fogey

Foggiest idea/notion

see Have not the foggiest idea/notion

Follow one’s nose

Trust one’s instincts or proceed in the most obvious direction dates from the 15th century and perhaps derives from hunting dogs.

Food for thought

Something to ponder. Something that requires careful consideration. Dates from the late 19th century. Perhaps derives from 'having something to ch...

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Fool’s paradise

This expression frequently used to describe temporary happiness or security based on false hopes is often ascribed to Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet (15...

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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

This expression was coined by Alexander Pope in his An Essay on Criticism (1711).

Foot in the door

To have a foot in the door means that one has an introduction or a beginning that will lead on to greater things. The expression is American in origin...

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Foot the bill

Now means simply to pay the bill with the implication that one is paying for other people as well as oneself. The expression dates from the mid-19th c...

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